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The French conductor and composer Arnaud Arbet has founded an ensemble, « Le Seuil Musical », with which he will explain the music of the first half of the 20th century, play it and spread it.
His claim is to defend this « difficult music » by Schönberg, Webern, Berg, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky and Bartók, this true « musical threshold ». The beauty that he recognizes in this music should be audible and tangible and in no way inferior to the popularity of the visual arts of the same era (Kandinsky, Picasso, Matisse, Klee, etc.).
Arbet has chosen Schönberg’s « Pierrot Lunaire » as the first concert and was able to win over young students from the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music for his project. They immediately accepted with enthusiasm. The successful pianist and wife of Arbet, Kyoko Nojima, is also be part of the ensemble, as well as the opera singers Alexandra Untiedt and Anaïs Yvoz.
The ensemble, which started in Berlin and Paris, should not consist of a fixed line-up of musicians; its size should be modular, depending on which instruments are needed and how the musicians are available. In the future there will be a fixed location for rehearsals and performances. Arbet’s ambitious vision is to perform the entire works of the 7 composers Schönberg, Webern, Berg, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky and Bartók chronologically. 
50 concerts from solo piece to opera.

Upcoming concerts

Past concerts

20.11.2022 Spiegelsaal der Harmonie – Bamberg
Schönberg : Pierrot Lunaire

12.11.2022 Atelier de la Main d’Or – Paris
Webern, Ravel, Stravinsky, Boulez, Arbet

9.4.2022 Atelier de la Main d’Or – Paris
Schönberg : Pierrot Lunaire

2. and 3.4.2022 Toyo Global Hall – Berlin
Schönberg : Pierrot Lunaire

24.8.2017 L’Anecdote – Autrans
Schönberg : 2d string quartet with soprano op. 10

4.4.2017 Atelier de la Main d’Or – Paris
Conference : Schönberg and the birth of atonal music (1907-1909)


Paola Aviles, harp
Uschik Choi, violoncello
Caroline Delume, guitar
Miguel Erlich, viola
Carla García, flute
Marie-Adeline Henry, soprano
Joshua Jacob, clarinet
Anthony Kondo, violoncello
Eric Lamb, flute
Kyoko Nojima, piano
Julia Smirnova, violin
Susanne Szambelan, violoncelle
Mira Tulenova, flute
Alexandra Untiedt, soprano
Anaïs Yvoz, soprano

Concert 9.4.2022 – Atelier de la Main d’Or – Paris : Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire

Concert 12.11.2022 – Atelier de la Main d’Or – Paris : Webern, Ravel, Boulez, Stravinsky, Arbet

Chronicles of Le Seuil Musical

The Chronicles are a very personal and simple way to express my relationship with modern music (1900-1950). In these videos, I present chronologically the main works of the 7 composers Debussy, Ravel, Schönberg, Webern, Berg, Stravinsky and Bartok.