Mois : octobre 2023


PRESS LE GRAND MACABRE – Enescu Festival 17.9.2023

Photo Andrada Pavel
Photo Andrada Pavel

« The young conductor Arnaud Arbet was the soul of the evening, applauded by everyone, including the Philharmonic members, and effectively adored by the choir. And all this was good and all this means a great success. » despreopera, 17.9.2023

« The conductor, Arnaud Arbet, conducted the whole ensemble brilliantly. The prolonged applause at the end was well deserved. » hotnews, 21.9.2023

« I am surprised, and it shows me, not for the first time, that Romanian artists, under the right guidance and in the right context, can live up to the score: it is sung with commitment and spirit, with seriousness and vitality. All of this makes for an artistic experience that is hard to match, crowned at the Athenaeum with standing ovations, in an uninterrupted roar of applause for several minutes. » scena9, 29.9.2023

« This Sunday-afternoon concert performance kept me listening, and sometimes watching, the music strong and unpredictable enough to be sufficient on its own terms, the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir, entering enthusiastically and precisely into Ligeti’s inimitable and challenging demands conducted by the unflappable and baton-less Arnaud Arbet. » colinscolumn, 17.9.2023

Photo Andrada Pavel